Basic Guide
What's OGQ Developers API?
OGQ Developers API is a technology that provides digital contents uploaded by OGQ creators through Web or SDK so that developers can easily and quickly integrate them in partner services.
Application Usage Guide
In order to use the OGQ Developers API, you must first add an application after registering as a member, and then you can develop and test the app with the provided test API Key. You can add an app through "Application" in the "My Application" Menu, and for each application you will be issued with a unique Application Key for verification.
1. Click the [Login] button in the upper right corner to log in. 2. Click the [Application] menu at top of the menu. 3. Click the [Add Application], enter ① Application Name ② Application Description ③ Representative Image (optional), and click the ""Add"" button. 4. Develop and test API with the issued test application key. (The test application key is limited to 1,000 API calls per day.)
After development and testing, you can switch to a commercial service after registering an account in the Applications> [My Applications]> Settings menu.
API Verification
The Application Key for API use is a key value that authenticates the application and must be sent through the HTTP header as follows for each API request.
X-OAPI-KEY{Application Key}
You can create up to two Application Keys in case they are exposed. For security issues, it is recommended that you change the Application Key periodically.
curl -X
- H 'X-OAPI-KEY: {Application Key}'
Required parameter request for API usage
When using OGQ Developers API, you must send us the User ID as a required parameter. It is used for customized functions such as "favorites" / "recently used" and so on. This is also the basis of MAU measurement and billing.
Request TypeParameter NameDescription
Query ParamuserIdA value that can identify a user within the application service
API Message Request and Response standard
Request Type
All APIs are basically JSON compliant. When requesting, use HTTP parameters according to your needs. The request message type is as follows.
Request TypeDescription
headerParameters sent as HTTP headers
Query ParamParameter transmitted as Query String of HTTP Request URL
bodyUsed for parameter PUT/POST included in HTTP Body, and composed of JSON Object
Response Message Standard
OGQ Developers returns the result of an API call with a HTTP status code. The JSON type used in the response is as follows.
Http Body (Json Object)
  • code
  • Detailed response code (if successful: 2XXXX)
  • data
  • Upon success, the response value determined for each API will be included
  • message
  • In case of failure, a text description of the error is included.
Technical Support
For API related inquiries, please send detailed information such as the OGQ Developers account information, and the X-OAPI-RES-ID of the HTTP header received in the response to API, so that we can respond to you more quickly.