Sticker & Image API Price Policy
Use unlimited content as you like, and purchase the suitable package according to the sacle of your business
  • 스티커 API
  • 이미지 API
Fee per Monthly Unique Use Count
  • Monthly Unique Use (MUU)
  • 1달 동안(Monthly) 1명의 사용자가 새로운 Asset (스티커 혹은 이미지)을 신규(Unique)로 사용 (Use)한 숫자
    - 사용자가 새로운 Asset 사용을 위해 API를 호출 했을 때, 최초 사용 1회만 카운트합니다. (월 기준)
  • 한 번 Count된 Asset은 한 달 내 무제한 사용이 가능합니다.
  • 최초 1만 카운트 사용까지는 기본요금이 책정됩니다. (스티커, 이미지 각 별도)
  • 10,000 초과 시 1 개 카운트 별로 해당 구간 가격이 적용됩니다.
  • MUU 10K
  • MUU 100K
    Fee per use count
  • MUU 300K
    Fee per use count
  • MUU 1M
    Fee per use count
  • MUU 10M
    Fee per use count
예상 총 금액
690,000 / 월
부가세 미포함
  • 10K
  • 100k
  • 300k
  • 1M
  • 10M
Sticker and Image API
Use contents in chats, comments, and editors
Add diversity and fun to your service!
Does your service have chat features? Add sticker packages to your service so that users can communicate with fun! Unlimited stickers of various styles can help users express emotions hard to be delivered by words.
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license__box2_comment img
Are your users interacting with each other by leaving comments on others' posts? Help them use stickers in comments to express interesting reactions! Easy-to-use stickers will improve users' willingness to interact with others and thus activate your community.
Are you providing your users with editors for posts, slides or videos? Equip your editor with our sticker and image packages to help users create contents with higher quality and great fun! Once integrated, your users can use over 20,000 stickers and over 100M images in the editor within your service very easilly.
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Add diversity to your service with stickers and images.